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Welcome to The Character Coach blog. Once a week (or more) we will be blogging about a character issue on display in recent news stories. The issue will usually involve a high school, college or professional athlete or coach. We will be seeking positive stories as often as possible but, we will write about the tough stories too. Occasionally, we may also feature one of our partners whose content we feel would be of interest to our readers.


The Character Coach blog - Blog #0003 - March 12, 2018


With the ever declining moral fiber of the society and culture of the United States, it falls to fewer and fewer people to remind us all that high quality character is still something for which we all should strive. Every day people, dads, company executives, teachers, coaches and even Presidents of the United States have fallen victim to character flaws along the path of life (including this writer, I'm no where near perfect).

But it really hurts when those who have authority and power over our youth fail to live up to the standards of expectation that comes with being a teacher or coach.

This story appearred in the Times West Virginian recently:

"A West Virginia high school football coach who led his team to three state championships has pleaded guilty to felony charges in a child solicitation case.

Media outlets report 35-year-old Joshua Nicewarner pleaded guilty Wednesday to distribution of obscene matter to a minor and soliciting a minor by computer. He admitted engaging in discussions of a sexual nature with a 14-year-old girl and sending photos of himself in his underwear.

Last year Nicewarner resigned both his position as Bridgeport High School’s football coach and as a teacher at Liberty High School. He coached Bridgeport to Class AA football championships in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Nicewarner faces up to 15 years in prison. He’s scheduled for sentencing April 30 in Harrison County Circuit Court."

Coaches and teachers need to be held to a higher standard because of their position and the influence they can have over our children. Every safeguard should be taken to protect our children from people like this coach. It is one the most important reasons we've created our character assessment services. 

We hope that Coach Nicewarner submits to the counseling he needs to rid himself of such behavior and desires. It has no place in society.